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Saturday, October 4, 2008

K-K-K-Kaicee Good Night Sweetheart

I don't think it's possible to love a little person any more than I love this little one. I've sang "her song" to her since she was born. Even before she could talk I knew it was her favorite. I kept singing it to her even though her mom hated it and was worried it would give her a stutter. Now, she'll sing with me and, much to her mom's chagrin, she sings it to herself when she's buckled into her carseat. She definitely is the only girl that I adore!

When we tuck Grandma Bear in at night we sing our rendition of "Good Night, Sweetheart." Tonight, everyone preformed! Kaicee loved it so much we did THREE encores. During the final show, I ran and got the camera...

If you couldn't tell...I'm just figuring out how to use the video on my camera.


Jackie said...

what a fun song, and now it's stuck in my head. give grandma a big hug and kiss for me

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I just love you girl - hope that you're still managing with all this craziness! :)