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Friday, May 30, 2008

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...

I Love to travel! Any little excuse to get out on the road and I'm there...So, when my friend Lisa asked if I would help her move to Oregon by following the moving van in her car, of course the answer was YES! As we hit the open road Friday after noon, I was excited for the sights and sounds of road trippin'! However, over the two days the view really didn't change. I found the large blue butt of a Budget Moving Truck always in sight. There is a benefit...I never lost her in a crowd!
After unloading the big blue beast and having some fun on the Oregon Coast, it was time to come home. Although that time always seems to come too soon, I was looking forward to the trip...I was takin
g the Train! I'd traveled by train from France to Italy, but I never considered it as a mode of travel in the United States, however, with gas prices rising planes are taking ticket prices into the sky with them...enter the train! The brochure makes some good points: plenty of leg room, large windows to see the scenery as you meander along the tracks, the ability to get up and walk around and use your cell phone while the train is in motion. There is one major draw back...IT TAKES SO DAMN LONG! It took 18 hours to get from Salem, OR to Sacramento CA. Perhaps if I'd been in the company of a good friend or a good book I may have found it quite enjoyable. Instead, as I tossed and turned alone in the dark with a dying ipod, I just kept thinking I could have flown across the country TWICE in the time it's taking me to get down the coast...and I still had another 18 hour train ride a head of me. I had almost convinced myself that the ride would be beneficial...uninterrupted pondering and planning time. As I walked into the train station to await this peaceful travel time, almost was not good enough. Unlike an airport, train stations are cold and unwelcoming...large cold rooms with hard wooden benches. As I looked around at the pigeons wandering the floor the thoughts of time for peaceful pondering were shattered by the reality of 5 hours in this cold brick room. I couldn't do it! I was going to gouge my eyes out with some sort of blunt object. Then I saw it....HERTZ rental car! After a few quick phone calls and forking over quadruple the cost of the train ticket I was free! Out on the open road in a 2008 Buick LaCrosse. I enjoyed the picturesque scenery with tunes that stand the test of time filling the climate controlled leather interior. Freedom! And a bonus...I made it to Provo by 7:30 that night--10 hours before the train.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tag! I'm IT....Again!

Directions:1- Get the nearest Book to you, or one you're reading that contains over 123 pages.2- Go to the 123 page.3- Find the 5th sentence.4- Post the 5th sentence.5-Tag five people.

Sentence: Was that guy for real?

Tag: Shara, Katie, Amber, Andrea, Nicole

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


It's impossible to walk around our Nations Capitol without reflecting on the cost of freedom. Monuments abound honoring the sacrifice of brave men and women who gave there all to up hold the liberty we each enjoy. However, it wasn't until I walked the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery that I was struck with the true cost of freedom. How humbling it was to walk among row after row of white marble...husbands, fathers, sons, wives, mothers...each life changed by the cost of war. Veterans walked among the fields of white and I wondered how many of them found friends whose fates led them to lie beneath the white marble markers. I shot picture after picture, hoping to convey the awe I found among the vast sea of white, only to come up incredibly short. At the Tomb of the Unknown, I stood in awe during the changing of the guard. Each movement an act of exactness and precision done with respect and reverence for those who are known but only to God. I stood as the relief commander conducted a detailed white-glove inspection of the weapon and scrutinized the every detail of the on coming sentinels appearance. The elite members of the Honor Guard walk 24 hours a day 365 days of the year in any weather, never breaking the cadence of 90 steps per minutes, their weapon positioned on the shoulder closest to visitor, signify their place between the tomb and any possible threat. Although I'd made my through the bustling city to monument after monument before, it was here among the reverence and respect for those resting beneath the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery that I felt a complete gratitude from the peace I enjoy, and the price paid for Freedom.

I started living the typical college life at 25...I moved into college housing and crossed my fingers that my roommates would be sane...but was blessed with much more. I got Alli and Melissa. I suppose that all of life's friendships are the result of the chance meeting of strangers, but I doubted friendships with bonds to last a lifetime were made after leaving the early 20's behind... glad to report that I was wrong. It had been over a year since the three of us were together. So, it was time to reunite. Alli and I purchased our plane tickets and headed out to DC for some much needed R&R and old fashion girl time...no set agenda, just happy to spend time together. We shopped, went to the movies, took in the sights, got take out and engaged in a plentiful amount of girl talk. Although I am now suffering from Alli and Melissa with drawls, I am so glad I was blessed with sane roommates who ended up forever friends!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Be Still My Heart....

I think my heart just stopped beating!

Monday, May 5, 2008


OMG!!!! The TWILIGHT teezer trailer is up and running.....

Can't breathe....Can't sleep....Giggling like a school girl.....