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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


October is one of my favorite months of the year. Clear blue skies, cool breezes, and natures changing colors signaling Fall is here and Old Man Winter is on the way. 

October 13, 2011
  Julie, Kimberly, and I kicked off our month of right by going to Odessy Dance Company's production of THRILLER at the Covery Center for the Arts. It was a goulishly good time! During intermission, as Julie and I perused the lobby, she suddenlty started giggling....one of the undead had been sniffing my back for a good 15 seconds and I'd never noticed!

October 15-17, 2011
  Every year I say I want to go to Tuacahn, only to have the season's end sneak up on me again. This year I was determined that wouldn't happen. For Mom's birthday I got us ticket to see both Grease and The Little Mermaid. Megan and Jeremy were kind enough to let us crash as their cute little home, giving me the chance to spend time with my Brother-from-another-mother. While I loved both productions, the best part of the trip was chatting all through the night with Jeremy and Mom! 

Halloween River Cruise
October 28, 2011
  What could be more fun than a group date floating down the Provo River where haunting pumpkings glow from the shore as your pirate captain recites a spooky bit of poetry? NOTHING! We girl (Bekky, Kimberly, and I) grabbed some good lookin' fellas and headed out for a night of good 'ol fashioned fun. After crusing down the river, we headed back to our house for ice cream sundeas and a movie. After much deliberation, we settle on the 1989 classic "Little Monsters" -- Two hours of our lives we will never get back. Overall, a fun time was had by all!

Family Halloween Party
October 29, 2011
Halloween is a big deal in our family...a BIG deal! Costumes are planned for months in advance (well, maybe that's just me?) and kept secret until the big day. Our annual family picture is taken each year at Halloween while we are all dressed up!

Me - The Gypsy Woman

The bun baker, the bun in the oven and a cute little witch

 Gatsby Family with the cutest little flapper EVER!

Great minds think alike...The flapper era was twice the fun this year!

Darin and Ren are out to find the treasure!

Mom and her girls

Next Halloween may be 11 months away, but I'm already planning my costume!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Somer's Concert Series

I am a concert junky! I admit it. No if, ands, or buts! I have always loved music. There is definitely a sound track to my life....and these are just a few of the bands on it!

March 22, 2011
   Bon Jovi was the first concert Ashleigh and I ever went to.....way back in 1995...and we haven't missed a concert since! (Okay, that is not completely honest. They came in concert a week after I entered the MTC. I tried to get my MTC admission date changed, but the Stake President did think wanting to attend a concert was a valid reason.) Ashleigh and I scream and danced through the entire concert! They still put on an amazing show!

My Chemical Romance & Neon Trees
April 8, 2011 
There's a reason why Bekky is one of my BFFs! She braved the packed house of an all ages show to see two bands she didn't know just because I wanted to for my birthday. There were some seriously hilarious times...The def guy on trax that basically fell into my lap to cop a feel, using toilets with no seats, pushing our way into the the bar (to escape the under 21 crowd) Bekky with her hands in the air trying not to touch any one or any thing while repeating "Unclean! Unclean!" over and over, bonding with the drunk people around us while some unknown person kept farting, and being caught in a great big bear hug by some drunk gay guy at the end of the night. Although we did not get any pictures of the bands, it was a blast!

April 30, 2011
  Ever since Ashleigh and I took Mom to see Yanni Voices she hasn't stopped about how much she loved it! So, when I found out Yanni was coming back to SLC I got her tickets for Christmas 2010. The show way as amazing as ever and I loved spending time with my mom!

The Daylights
May 11, 2011

  After 3 long years, my favorite boys were back! Amber and I hung out back stage with Ricky, Ran, and Svend before they went on stage and then had front row for the show. After the concert was over, we visited with the boys some more. Ricky totally made my night when he said, "Whenever I think of Utah, I think of you!" I pinky swore them all to singing "Good-Bye Summer" as long as I promised I wasn't planning on that being any time soon.

Motley Crue, Poison, & NY Doll
June 19, 2011
   Happy Father's Day! Tiffany and I celebrated together by screaming at the top of our lungs to some of my favorite bands EVER! After bumping in to the guy next to me, he became my BFF -- putting his arm around me, singing in my ear, and smacking my backside...even after his girlfriend came back from the bathroom! Tiff and I had a fantastic time, but it looks like the girl behind us in the picture could use some cheering up. Perhaps she'd have felt better if my neighbor grabbed her caboose!

Kenny Chesney
July 9, 2011
 Girls night out with Ashleigh, Kylie, and Amanda....Although you'd never know it since they refused to get in the picture, even when I threatened to disown them. Guess they knew I love them enough that I'd ever do that! We spread out our blankets on the grass and kicked up our heels! The most interesting part of the night was when some drunk lady pretty much went head over feet into Amanda! What a night!
Tim McGraw
August 6, 2011
   Imagine my joy when Tim started out the concert right in front of us! He is some serious eye candy! And...he squoze my hand and winked at me! 

Josh Groban
August 13, 2011
  I truly believe Josh Groban's music is laced with subliminal messages. One minute I was listening to his melodious voice, the next I had purchased two tickets on the fifth row. Since I have not dating life to speak of, I asked Mom to go with me....unfortunately, she fell off a small retaining wall and shattered her wrist the day before the concert. So, Ashleigh graciously stepped in and took her place. Through the entire concert, Ash kept hitting me and grabbing my arm while saying, "I'm so glad mom broke her arm!" We have decided Josh might have to be a new tradition! As Josh walked passed us, I couldn't help myself and reached out and squeezed his arm! The next time he passed us, Ashleigh got the High-five. Josh has true talent! He was as amazing in person...funny, witty, and that boy can sing! His tweet that night summed it all up: joshgroban: "Landed in LA! salt lake you were a hair pulling, arm pinching, pants biting group. you know how I like it! Sorry i couldn't serve you booze." I highly doubt his "arm pinching" was in reference to me....but I'm happy to claim that it is!
Def Leppard
August 31, 2011
  One of my favorite bands of ALL TIME! On the soundtrack of my life, Def Leppard occupies a great deal of space! Wendy, Tiffany, Ben, and I laughed hysterically through the entire night! The best line of the night was Wendy looking at me like I was a crazy person and saying, "You know all the words." My favorite part of the night was when they sang "Love and Hate Collide" acoustic.

Big Ass Show
October 8, 2011
  Bekky and I hauled our Big A's to the Big Ass Show where we ran into my friend from the nursing program, Heather. It was a bit drizzly for part of the day, but over all we had a fantastic time.....

Brogan Kelby

She Wants Revenge

Switch Foot


Neon Trees

Panic At The Disco

Well, it was sort of Panic At The Disco...Unfortunately Brendon Urie had malaria and was unable to attend the show. So, the band was down one lead singer. Fortunately,  Brogan Kelby,  Tyler Glenn, and some other random people were willing to fill in and the band was able to play a partial set. 
My favorite part of the night was Bekky yelling, "I'm moshing! I'm moshing!" as we jumped up and down with the crowd.

Jason Aldean with Thompson Square & Chris Young
October 22, 2011
  In all the years that we've been friends, Tory and I had never been to a concert together. I decided it was time to change that! During one morning while getting ready for the day, Tory played music video, after music video of Jason Aldean on the computer. So, when I found out he was coming in concert, I knew we had to go! 

The Daylights...AGAIN!
October 26, 2011
  Twice in one year! Be still heart-that-thinks-it's-still-a-teenager-beating-within-a-thirty-something! As soon as I heard the boys were coming back to town, I rallied the troops. Liz, Pam, and Aburee (my friends from Courtyard) were there, and I introduced Tiffany and Julie to my favorite boys! After the concert I send them a little note, via facebook, that said: "So HAPPY that SLC was included as one of your 20 CITIES! It was time to say GOOD BYE SOMER much too quickly, so come back soon...I know you can MAKE IT HAPPEN...cause I GUESS I MISS YOU. For now I'll have to settle for last night's  QUICK FIX. In your presence, no one feels like an OUTSIDER! Remember to wear your seatbelts, SLOWDOWN, and enjoy the ride. Sending you a DIGITAL KISS! XOXO Somerset PS...I HOPE THIS GETS TO YOU!" All the words in capital letters are titles of their songs.  Pretty creative if I do say so myself. 

And now the summer is over....So lucky to have such great friends and great music to fill not only it, but every day of my life!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Graduation....Part Deux

Granted it was back in April, but I haven't updated in a while.

 Tiffany, McKell, Aburee, Me, and Courtney
Waiting for the ceremony to begin. I seriously don't think I would have made it through the program without these fantastic friends!
 Sandy presented my diploma along with Dr. Rushforth.
 Me and the family. It was so cold and windy outside we only got one picture of us together. I was glad I got pictures with my mom, sisters, and dad before the ceremony started. 

After the ceremony we went to The Brick Oven for dinner. It was so fun to celebrate with my entire family....and to finally get my very own song from the Smith Super Star Singers. 
Sung to the tune of Beauty School Drop-Out:

You didn't drop out.
It's graduation day for you.
You didn't drop out.
Passed your midterm and finals too.
So crazy that you've had no time
to wash or clean your clothes up, 
After spending hours at work and school
you'd sometimes want to throw up!
Somie you did it!
It's not a dream, your still alive!
Completed your degree, 
you had a goal and lots of drive.
You went for your diploma, 
but you'll skip the hiring pool
Cause you're the nurse at Discovery Ranch School.
You didn't drop out! 
A slave to school, never more!
You didn't drop out! 
So much spare time you might be bored.
Since student loans have buried you, 
for relief we know your lookin'
We guarantee you'll find a way
that doesn't include hookin'!
You don't have to sweat it, cuz you have the perfect job
Lucky to get it. Here's hopin' it's not run by the mob!
Throw your books away, stand up and say
"It's now my time to rule!"
Please promise us that you are done with school!
  We love you, you know it!
We will sing praises to your name!
Now you're a grown-up,
Our lives will never be the same.
We think you're hot, get off the pot,
it's time to find a guy!
Get goin' girl, your limit is the sky!

I pretty much cried through their entire little performance....and I'm sure the other people at Brick Oven enjoyed it as well! Just another reason  I love my family!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Baby Love

Oakley Robinson
Baby Oakley arrived on March 18 at 11:22 pm. She is such a joy to have in our family! Time flies much too quickly and I swear she's bigger every time I see her. She is the sweetest girl with a mischievous smile that's impossible to resist. Love her so much!