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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

He's a BRIK house!

Since Wickett died, Wookie had been severely depressed. The vet said he was suffering from separation anxiety...so, we got him a new friend.

This is Brik
Brik is such a good boy! He learned to use the doggy door almost immediately. He loves to snuggle. I stayed down at my mom's for the weekend after picking him up. He snuggled with me the entire night. When I went home, he sat by the front door and cried. Now, when I start gathering up my keys and what not to come home, he follows me around and makes a little whimper noise because he knows I'm going to leave. Wookie and Brik love to go on walks together. It's so funny to watch them side by side. If I had never had Wookie and Wickett I would have thought Brik was a small dog. At 18 pounds he a giant a long side Wookie. He's a fat boy too...2 pounds over weight, so we're working on that.

The decision to get a new dog was a difficult one, but Brik was meant to be a part of our family. Wookie is so happy now! While we love Brik, he'll never take Wickett's place in our hearts. That's the great thing about love...
The heart just keeps growing 'til there's room for everyone.


Bliss said...

aww he's so cute..why type of Dog is he?

HeatherLiz said...