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Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Rising...

I can't help but giggle...this whole Twilight Saga makes me feel like a teenager. And so I am proud, and yet a bit chagrined, to say I say New Moon FOUR times in less than 48 hours.

My first viewing was at Midnight at a private showing at Thanksgiving Point. I went with my friend Bekky and some girls from work. It was so fun! There was a drawing before the show started and I won the cutest wrought iron basket full of Fall decor from Rod Works. And then there was the movie itself...LOVED IT! It was definitely about a million times better than Twilight. We all had a blast giggling and cat calling every time Jacob Black came on the screen.

Friday afternoon I went to see it with my brother, Ericson, his wife, Keayra, and my niece Kaicee. Definitely just as good the second time. The best part about watching it with Kaicee is you never know what she's going to say. When the Werewolves persue Laurant through the forest she said, "See! I told you this was a scarey movie!"

My third viewing was with Amber! We had so much fun! We went to an event hosted by the Twilight Lexicon I loved all the cat calling that happens during these private showings. We each got a swag bag that had a necklace with a moon pendant. I thought that was pretty cool and wore it the remainder of the day. Right after the movie was over, I had to run to Lehi to meet my family for the next showing.

Kierstan's birthday was earlier in the month, so to celebrate we hit a double feature: New Moon and The Blind Side. It was so fun to see it with my family! It may have been my fourth time seeing it, but I still loved it just as much!

One of the silliest things of all this movie going was how much Cherry Coke I drank. Thrusday night I purchased a New Moon cup that was refillable for the entire weekend. So, every time I headed to the movie theater I stuck it in my purse. That thing must have been filled at least 6 times. I think I could have floated away from all the soda bubbles in my tummy.


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Lanie Ree said...

So, I guess you REALLY liked it.

Jewel McKinney said...

Looks like you were busy with movies :) I made my blog private- so did Lee. Send us your email if you want an invite