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Thursday, June 18, 2009


What can I say? I run in a circle of friends that includes some {Amazingly} Talented people... One of which is Nathan Pacheco. A BYU Graduate and returned missionary that is now a Yanni 'Voice'...

In the tradition of surprising/torturing my mom, I called and asked her out on another mother/daughter date. If you've read the posting of our last outing, you know she never can be quite sure if this is going to be a good thing, or a not so good thing. But, as usual, her curiosity, sense of adventure, and the fact that I am an awesome daughter won out, and the invitation was accepted. This time, I was taking her to see "Yanni Voices" in concert and I invited Ashleigh to come along too.

Ashleigh has a {BIG MOUTH} and cannot keep a secret to save her life...well, except for that time she bought a house...but that's another story...and while driving in the car said something about, "Oh, ya...that's when we're going to Yanni at the Acropolis." Luckily for her, my mom was only half paying attention and thought Ash said something about Indianapolis. So, from that point forward, our mother-daughter date was referred to as Indianapolis...such as, "What should I wear to Indianapolis?"

After a delicious dinner at Red Robin and some shopping at Ikea we headed to SLC for our date with Yanni at the Energy Solutions Arena. We arrived a little bit early and decided to walk down to the Gateway to get a treat from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. As we were walking, Mom could see the elctronic bill board in front of the venue as it flashed "Tool" across the screen. "I see Tool. Are we going to Tool? Who's Tool?" Another guess was that we were going to the circus...way far off on that guess. While walking back from the Chocolate factory, I decided to have a little fun. I said, "I have got to pep up! I've got a case of the Yanni's!" Ashleigh caught on (after I explained it to her in a whisper behind mom's back) and started getting a case of the "Yanni's" herself. Mom did not catch on. So, we finally told her..."We're going to see Yanni!" She was still so confused from our conversation of Indianapolis, Tool, and yawning that she didn't quite get it. She alsmost asked the security guard at the door what she was here to see. Once we got inside, however, and she saw the kiosks with all the Yanni merchandise, she kinda started to freak out! That was the reaction I was waiting for.
Our seats were amazing! We had the perfect view and could hardly wait for the show to begin! There was a gauze like drape hung all around the stage that had scenes of nature and cities through out the world projected onto it. Before the show, it looked as though you were flying through the clouds. The scenery was breathtaking! One of my favorite parts was when Yanni's shadow would appear and you could see him conducting the orchestra. If you look in the large picture below, you can see Nathan through the screen as he sings his opening number.
The talent and music that was shared literally brought tears to my eyes! What a fun night to spend with my mom and sister and be able to support a friend as he fulfills his dreams! Below is just a little clip of Nathan preforming. It's definitely not the best quality, so visit Yanni.com to hear how beautiful his voice really is!

Nathan, you are {INCREDIBLE} Thanks for letting us share this night with you!


Shara said...

You are so sweet - I love you do this for your mom. And I love you! :)

HallWalking said...

So sweet. I really miss your family!

Rach said...

Hello you!! What a cute blog...seriously I love it!! Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I will now be stalking you via blogger. Hooray!

Jackie said...

looks like the smith girls had one fantastic night

JMHill Family said...

Hey! I was happy to find your blog...ours is www.jmhillfamily.blogspot.com