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Sunday, March 15, 2009

All Shook Up!

I heard through the grapevine about a show at the Hale Center Theater called All Shook Up and thought it would make for a fun night out with my mom. So, I called her up on the phone and asked her to be my date on Tuesday night...and then wouldn't tell her where we were going. Because this wasn't the first time I'd done something like this (One birthday, I shoved her in the car and drove around for over an hour before taking her to a surprise birthday dinner....I even drove out to the airport and told her we were flying somewhere) she couldn't help but be a little bit on the
nervous side.

After some shopping, dinner at Iggy's, and a side trip past my work we pulled up at Hale Center Theater...and she still had no idea where we were. Then she saw the sign. She was so excited! So, I turned back to the car, opened the door and said, "Just kidding." Of course I really wasn't. The show was amazing! The cast was outstanding! We had a front row seat to it all!


Casey said...

You are such a cute daughter! I bet your mom loved it. Makes me feel a little guilty for what I should be doing.... :)

Michelle Kelly said...

I LOVED this show!! Ashleigh and I had so much fun seeing it, I'm glad you two got to see it also.