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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Surviving Supai

I did it! I survived my trip to Havasupai! It all started a few months ago my Mike invited me to go on his annual trip to the Grand Canyon to go hiking in Havasupai. I can only imagine the look of shock and fear at his request as memories of statements made by those who'd made the trip in the past echoed in my ears..."Next time I'm taking the helicopter".... "I don't think I'll ever walk the same".... My answer was not only no, but Hell No! However, Mike can be incredibly persuasive. So, after some encouraging words and a helicopter to fall back on, I was in. Although I'd started preparing about a month before, my anxiety kept increasing as the number of days until our departure were decreasing. Then, it was
suddenly July 8th and we were on our way! The hike into the canyon wasn't so bad...I didn't expect it to be, since it was all down hill. We started out around 4 a.m. and made it to the camp ground around 8:30. After setting up camp and a quick nap, we were off to play in Havasu Falls. It was just a quick hop from camp and truly a Garden of Eden in the desert. Mooney Falls was day two's destination. We spent the day playing in the water, soaking up the sun, and saving our snacks from sneaky squirrels. Navajo Falls was our final day adventure. Since it was on the way to the village, we packed up our packs and headed out to play. These were my favorite falls of all! I even jumped from 40 feet high...much to the surprise of the onlookers below.

After some fun at the falls, we hiked out to the village to fill our bellies with food and a quick rest before facing the 9 miles ahead. I was nervous, but confident. Seven of us girls set out together...The Sisterhood of the Traveling Packs. We made a vow to stick together, take things slow and steady, and passed the time with singing and laughing...especially with the rule that any complaint must be sung!

I'll never forget the feeling of accomplishment, empowerment, and fulfillment as I made my way up the final switch back! I had done it! I'm so grateful for the confidence and encouragement from my friends and sister...I can't wait until next year!


Joni said...

Congratulations! And how beautiful, both you and the scenery :)

Nicole said...

Wow!!! congratulations!! It looks beautiful!!

allicat4 said...

You MADE it! (I always knew you would). And count me in for next year!!

Anonymous said...

That was so fun! We should have a reunion of our Sisterhood of the Traveling Packs! :) You're awesome girl - I look up to you tons!

Casey said...

Next year I'm there! No girls camp for me! I'm proud of you--it's a tough hike! But nothing beats the scenery!