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Friday, July 4, 2008

Smith Super Star Rally

I seriously have the greatest family EVER!!! We've always gotten together to celebrate the holidays, but this year we started a new family tradition: The Smith Superstar Rally! We split into two teams, complete with matching shirts and a trophy, to compete in a series of events. Each person had an individual event, a partnered event, and team events. And what crazy events they were! At one point I found myself laying on the ground holding an ice cream cone in my mouth while my mom stood on a chair and tried to drop scoops of ice cream into the cone....all of which landed on my face. The final event of the night was a relay race involving all the members of each team...starting with bobbing for apples, licorice eating, throwing Cheetos into the shaving cream beard of your team member, dressing crazy, a math equation, and popping water balloons. The highlight of my night was beating my sister in the math equation....she's a CPA! With the trophy on the line things went above and beyond competitive! While we were all winners, Darin insisted on keeping the trophy until next year. After the festivities, we set up camp in the backyard for an outdoor movie and sleep over. It was the best time ever!


Joni said...

holy fun!