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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tagged A-Z

  • A-Attached or Single: Single as they come
  • B-Best Friend: I've been blessed with so many wonderful friends, there's no way to narrow it down to one.
  • C-Pie or Cake: Razzleberry Pie with vanilla ice cream.
  • D-Day of Choice: I changes weekly. Usually, I really like Saturdays.
  • E-Essential Items: My cell phone...oh that's sad.
  • F-Favorite Color: It changes frequently
  • G-Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Bears! Only the red and white ones though.
  • H-Hometown: Lehi, UT...Pioneers
  • I-Indulgence: My soap operas...All my children, One life to live, and Days of our lives.
  • J-January or July: July! I hate Winter
  • K-Kids: none yet...need to find their father first.
  • L-Life is incomplete without: the Gospel and Family
  • M-Marriage Date: Who Knows?
  • N-Number of Siblings: 4...2 brothers, 2 sisters
  • O-Oranges or apples: It varies
  • P-Phobias or Fears: Heights...
  • Q-Quotes: "Life itself is a quotation" ~Jorge Luis Borges
  • R-Reasons to smile: Life is beautiful
  • S-Season: Spring! i love when it gets warm and i love all the flowers blooming
  • T-Tag Friends: Erin, Melissa, Alli, Jackie
  • U-Unknown fact about me: I don't know that there are any unknowns about me. I'm a pretty open book.
  • V-Very Favorite Store: Torrid or Old Navy
  • W-Worst Habit: Sleeping in or procrastination...I suppose those go together.
  • X-X-Ray, Ultrasound or mammogram: Ultrasound
  • Y-Your Favorite Food: Pizza...Hawaiian style
  • Z-Zodiac: Aries


Colby & Britney said...

well gee.. too bad we didn't know eachother was in St. George we could of had a party!