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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Graduation....Part Deux

Granted it was back in April, but I haven't updated in a while.

 Tiffany, McKell, Aburee, Me, and Courtney
Waiting for the ceremony to begin. I seriously don't think I would have made it through the program without these fantastic friends!
 Sandy presented my diploma along with Dr. Rushforth.
 Me and the family. It was so cold and windy outside we only got one picture of us together. I was glad I got pictures with my mom, sisters, and dad before the ceremony started. 

After the ceremony we went to The Brick Oven for dinner. It was so fun to celebrate with my entire family....and to finally get my very own song from the Smith Super Star Singers. 
Sung to the tune of Beauty School Drop-Out:

You didn't drop out.
It's graduation day for you.
You didn't drop out.
Passed your midterm and finals too.
So crazy that you've had no time
to wash or clean your clothes up, 
After spending hours at work and school
you'd sometimes want to throw up!
Somie you did it!
It's not a dream, your still alive!
Completed your degree, 
you had a goal and lots of drive.
You went for your diploma, 
but you'll skip the hiring pool
Cause you're the nurse at Discovery Ranch School.
You didn't drop out! 
A slave to school, never more!
You didn't drop out! 
So much spare time you might be bored.
Since student loans have buried you, 
for relief we know your lookin'
We guarantee you'll find a way
that doesn't include hookin'!
You don't have to sweat it, cuz you have the perfect job
Lucky to get it. Here's hopin' it's not run by the mob!
Throw your books away, stand up and say
"It's now my time to rule!"
Please promise us that you are done with school!
  We love you, you know it!
We will sing praises to your name!
Now you're a grown-up,
Our lives will never be the same.
We think you're hot, get off the pot,
it's time to find a guy!
Get goin' girl, your limit is the sky!

I pretty much cried through their entire little performance....and I'm sure the other people at Brick Oven enjoyed it as well! Just another reason  I love my family!