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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Valentines is a day of LOVE
So, I spent it with the a Bug I love

I don't think I could love any one more than I love this little bug.
Baking cookies, painting sun catchers, eating Heart shaped pizza, and
dancing with Micheal Jackson.

A few of our conversations this weekend went like this:

Kaicee: Somie, Jesus died...and so did Micheal Jackson.

Kaicee: Jesus and Micheal Jackson are in a fight.
Me: Why?
Kaicee: Micheal Jackson did drugs so Jesus is mad at him.
Me: No. Jesus is sad, but he loves every body.
Kaicee: No. He hates Micheal Jackson.

While singing along to Lady Antebella's Need You Now...
Me: What does it mean to be drunk?
Kaicee: It means you're really sick.

As much as I wish to keep her my little baby bug Forever, she gets bigger every day. She makes me laugh so hard, and sometimes I just love her so much it makes me cry.


Lanie Ree said...

So cute! My favorite part? "No. He hates Michael Jackson."