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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An April Fools Day Conversation...

Help came almost too late, as the gray roots and Grandpa Munster eyebrows had just about taken over, but there I was...at the salon. For those of you who go "al' Natural" the hair dye is all sorts of funky colors when you mix it. For example, blond usually has a purple color to it. So there I sat, cozily in the chair (which I put together, BTW), Britney putting bright pink hair color goo on my head and Kylie walked in...

Ky: Hi guys!
Me: Hi Ky!
Ky: Some, are you coloring your hair pink?
Me: Yup.
Ky: Shut up. Really?
Me: Ya! I needed a change.
Ky: Like pink all over?
Me: Yep. You know that deep dark red every body does? Like that, only Pink.
Ky: I sure hope I'm still here when it's time to wash you out. I gotta see this.

About an hour goes by...
As I finish processing, Britney works on Kylie.
As her hair's almost done:

Ky: How long 'til you rinse her out?
Brit: Uhm...probably 5 or 10 minutes.
Ky: I'm totally staying. I've gotta see this.
Me: I can't believe it's April already. Can you believe it's April 1st?
Ky: I know! It's Jenica's birthday!
Me: It's also April Fools Day!!!
Ky: Is that why you're dying your hair Pink?

Needless to say...Kylie is a BLOND.
Love you Ky Ky!


JNHWBlack said...

hi girl! Where were you on Sat? We missed you greatly at the shower, we needed your sunshiny summery power!