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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Spooktacular

I love Halloween! In a family full of traditions, some of my favorite are found at Halloween. Running to beat the sunset, we strike a pose for pictures...I think it's the closest thing we have to an annual family portrait. I think my favoritest thing is our family Halloween parade! Since Kierstan lives just down the street from Harts, we walk dressed in costume to get Big Chills. As we walk, people honk and wave...watching Kaicee is the cutest. She thinks it's all for her. Game time always includes BINGO, and this year we added pictionary, and a game kinda like Big Budda. Hocus Pocus is a staple in the tradition...we've seen it so many times I think we all know the lines by heart! Alas, it's all over until next year. However, it's never too soon to start thinking about a costume!


G said...

Oh my gosh. Somer you look so cute I love love love it! You should send me your email so that you can get acess to my blog. Send me a text with it. Much love
Amie jo

Bascom Family said...

I love your family tradition of pictures. You look great. Seeing you and your vitality always makes me happy.

Game time! said...

Somer! You Rock, and I am not just talking about that post of you and the twins during your jam sesion! Next year I am definately hanging out by hearts to see the parade!