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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hangin' Tough

Remember when they said, "Girl please don't go" and that they would be loving you Forever? They taught us 'bout hangin' tough as long as we had the right stuff....and then they were gone. But then...TONIGHT! TONIGHT!
There they were....THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!
All of them!





And Danny!

Be still my 11-year-old heart beating within my 29-year-old body! To think it began so long ago...Then, in April it began again! Middle aged women all over the world scream in unison, picked up the phone and squealed to their girlfriends...."OMG! New Kids are getting back together!" You can imagine the shrieking reply that followed, "Ahhh! We so totally have to go to the concert!" Packs were made, tickets were purchased, and the countdown began.

I literally squealed and giggled like a school girl! I couldn't help it! When they showed vintage footage, I jumped up and down screaming, "I have that! I have that!" I knew all the words to every song, and I sang them at the top of my lungs! Donnie came to the edge of the stage and pointed right at me! Unfortunately, I was too busy freakin' out to get a picture of the actual moment. Jordan came up from the stage in a fanfare of smoke....then the fan turned on and his shirt blew open...and I laughed hysterically like the 11-year-old I had turned into because...you could see his chest! All the childhood day dreams came flooding back... much more detailed and dirty. Oh how the mind has evolved!
They rocked us with the right stuff for almost two hours straight! We couldn't help but to get out on the floor and do the New Kids Dance! I would have stayed until 2 in the morning with childish daydreams of being their Valentine girl. It was a full service concert!
It's been years since we've dreamed of being their Cover Girl and I'm still Single. But I'm a Big Girl Now and they can give me some Grown Man any time!


Anonymous said...

Somer I LOVE it! I linked these pics to my blog so everyone could see your awesome pics. What fun! :D

Ticklemedana said...


Jackie said...

how fun! so how did you like twilight?

Strawberry Shortcake said...


This is Mel, Ashleigh's friend from Alaska (now AZ). I came over here to check out the pictures of the NKOTB concert and say hi! I am jealous. I used to LOVE Joe, but had a HUGE secret crush on Donnie as well (can't be loving those bad boys as a young girl, you know ;) Great pics! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I totally thought you would have a entry on the Twilight movie. I was waiting to hear what you thought!!

Lookes like NKOTB was a lot of fun though. Somethings in life as just as good or better the second time around :)

I tagged you. Go to my blog and its the ABCs