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Thursday, December 13, 2007

From Santa, with LOVE

A long time a go in a land far away
A child was born on a cold winter's day

He wasn't the baby you're thinking about
But another small lad, he stood short and stout

He grew up to be quite a caring old man
He loved little children, everyone in the land

He found the 'Good Book' and studied it's pages
It was the story of Jesus passed down through the ages

His heart overflowed as he read, could it be
A love so divine that he died just for me?

A twinkle appeared in his eye on that day
He found a road straight to Heaven and Christ was the way

As Christmas came closer his heart filled with joy
He'd show God's people he loved them--every girl, every boy

He made lots of goodies and stocked up his shelves
Yes, Santa was busy and so were his elves

He was filled with such love, that he wanted to share
So he handed out gifts to kids everywhere

Praise be to God, let the angels sing
This jolly old man spreads love for the King

As he steps into the chimney he looks high above
And whispers, "Happy birthday dear Jesus, from Santa with love."