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Sunday, April 25, 2010

31...and so much fun

It happens every year. As my birthday approaches I plot and plan to have some sort of amazing celebration...and it never happens. The reason? One word: School. It's so overwhelming. Since my birthday falls just 2-ish weeks before finals, everything class wise is coming to a head. Final papers to be written, final projects to finish, and finals too study for. The birthday gets set a side before I know it and then later I think, "Oh ya. It was my birthday. I should have celebrated." This year, however, was going to be different!

On my 2010 Bucket List is a goal/wish/dream to watch the sun come up at Delicate Arch. My friend Bekky took that thought and ran with it, planning a trip to Moab to fulfill that wish ON MY BIRTHDAY! So cool! I was so excited! And then, I threw my back out. I couldn't stand up straight and walk, so hiking was definitely out. Rotten!  Alas, the trip was canceled. Well, more like postponed until later this year...it will happen!

And now....the final papers have been written, final projects have been turned in, and finals begin tomorrow. 


Now, before you cry any tears for my sad, uncelebrated birthday, have no fear. All was not lost. Ashleigh and Britney took pitty on my sad, sorry self and planned an impromptu girls night party. My sisters and nieces all came down to my mom's for pizza and a movie.  A good time was had by all.


Rach said...

Happy Late & Under-emphasized Birthday!! You deserve the BEST, so I'm glad you had fun!!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you still got to do something for your birthday! Good luck with all your finals and such. LOve ya