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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Voracious Appetite

School's out for summer and now I can really hit the books! I've always {LOVED} to read. I remember reading "The Box Car Children" in the second grade. I'd checked it out during our weekly library day, against the advice of my teacher who said it was too long for a child my age. I took it home, sat in a corner and read the entire thing. The next day when I asked Mrs. Fullmer if I could go back to the library and get another book, she reminded me that she'd told me it was probably too big a book for me, and I'd have to wait until our next library day. When I told her I'd finished it, she made me bring a note from my mother to prove I wasn't fibbing. Now, as an adult, devouring a 700 page book in one day (Granted, that's all I do in that day) isn't unlikely. In fact, here's my reading list from the last thirty days (Click on any title for more information):

My love of reading comes from my mother. When I was a child she would read to us every night. Not picture books, but novels like the Newberry Award Winners. I still remember sitting on the couch while she read Enchantress of Crumbledown and then begging for just one more chapter before we had to go to bed. 30 years later, I still love to lose myself in a world found on the pages between the covers of a book.


Casey said...

And that's exactly why I love you! :)

Megan Young said...

Wow! I'm impressed--I'll have to check out some of those books!

Jackie said...

man i miss you and your mama!