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Thursday, December 4, 2008

He Sent Me Flowers!

I got a text from my friend Steven on Monday saying a surprise for me was on the way. I love surprises! Whatever it was would be delivered into my hot little hands around 3 p.m. that day. However, the powers that may be didn't get the memo...so it would be coming the next day. Okay by me since the anticipation is half the fun! As much as I love the anticipation, I also have no patience, and Steve wasn't given up any hints! Tuesday when it came time for me to leave for work, still not surprise. I sent text after text to my roommates wanting to know if it had come. Finally, the reply came from Josie "It just did!" Of course I called right away, but neither she or Katie were giving any details up. I did, however, talk them into to bringing it to me and work! Imagine my surprise when I came around the corner to see a beautiful Christmas bouquet of flowers! I've never been sent flowers before! Thanks Steven!


Jacqueline said...

lucky girl! miss you

HeatherLiz said...

flowers are always nice. how are you?

Anonymous said...

How come it's been so long since you updated this thing? :)

HeatherLiz said...

I am making my blog private. If you want to read it, just email me at angelhep@hotmail.com and ill send you an invite