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Sunday, August 31, 2008

What's In A Name?

What is it with all the crazy celebrity baby names? I blame it on Bruce and Demi! I mean, come on...who names their daughters Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah? Perhaps it began even farther back with the Zappa family. Poor Dweezil, not to mention his sister Diva. Names like Suri, Shilo, Apple and Coco are tame, when compared to Moxie CrimeFighter, Penn Jillette's daughter, and most recently Gavin and Gwen's bouncing baby boy Zuma Nasta Rock. What on earth were they thinking? Contrary to a seemingly popular belief, naming a child is a very serious responsibility. Naming a child begins shaping who they will become. I wonder what the world would say to {Somerset} for a celebrity baby name, and what effect it would have on shaping who she would become.

In searching baby name sites on the internet, Somerset was no where to be found...for a baby girl. Somerset is a boy's name of Old English origin meaning "summer settlement" or "place of the summer settlers." Not so helpful. I already new I was named after a man...W. Somerset Maugham. But, you would think that someone, somewhere, would have thought it nice for a girl...well, besides my parents.

So, I got creative. Turning to my trusty key-chain from Disney world and a poster I got at a mall kiosk.

According to my Disney source:

From Somerset, a name of English origin.
Meaning "the summer settlers place"
She learns something from everyone she meets.
Knows she has the drive to succeed.
She's a light shining in the darkness
Constantly working to improve her talent.
Can turn a rainy day into sunshine.
Limitless potential is what she has.
Captivates attention in subtle ways.

The explanation from the mall says:

From the Old English root Summer.
Expression~her presence provides a breath of fresh air.
Personality~takes everything with a grain of salt.
Natural~skillful in all she attempts.
Emotional~a lover of truth and God.
Character~there is a mild, pure soul within her.
Physical~inspires others with her grace.
Mental~she is inquisitive about extraordinary things.
Motivation~has a neat and tidy manner.

Definitely interesting. I wonder what celebrity life would say about that?


Game time! said...

Somer! of course we read your blog it is fabulous!! By the way check out my blog, sorry but I am tagging you!!
love ya! Crystal

Jacqueline said...

wish i was visiting utah just so we could go to lunch. miss you